Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Night Live Specials

My favorite TV show has always been Saturday Night Live. Well, that's not really truly, I really got into Batman when I was 6, then Gilligan's Island through high school and then there was the Rockford Files. Anyway I find SNL's irreverent humor and clever sketches to be fascinating and sometimes disturbing all at the same time. I don't watch it every week or even the entire show when it's on. I'm a wimpy fan, I usually fall asleep before the credits roll. Susan usually falls asleep before it even comes on. But I always look forward to watching whoever is hosting, who the musical guest is, the political satire sketches and anytime Christopher Walken is hosting I try to drink Coke or coffee and make it to the end. His franchised sketch, The Continental just kills me every time.

I remember watching if not the first episode, the first season as a, I don't know, 14 year old? I was sitting in my parents house on a Saturday Night, we were eating in the kitchen and this crazy show came on that was really funny. I think my dad was at work, he was a shift-worker and sometimes worked nights. And that was great because I'm sure his Southern, Pentecostal upbringing would have made him change the channel as soon as Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner or Dan Akroyoid began some "off color" skits.

As for Southern related comedy sketches, there have been many that have poked fun at the south of the mason Dixon lifestyle including Colonel Angus Comes Home, Appalachian emergency Room and Suel Forrester Southern Lawyer. And who can forget Dana Garvey's Church Lady who came back a few weeks ago and gave us a mini revival by interviewing Justin Beber and the Kardashina Girls. I know, I know, Church Lady is not really a Southern sketch, but I spent a lot of time in Southern churches as a kid and I can "testify" there's a lot of church ladies in the South y'all.

In celebration of my life time love for SNL, we here at Slippin' Southern have decided to offer a "Saturday Night Live Special" in my Etsy shop every week this summer. And here's how it works. Starting next Saturday night, 7-25-11, during the SNL program, I'll offer a percentage off your purchase when you make it during the program that night. Discount amounts will vary from week to week. During the week, leading up to Saturday night, I'll be giving hints via Twitter, Facebook and in my Etsy shop as to what the SNL discount code will be for that week. Finally at the beginning of the show each week, I'll offer a 10% Off code on my Etsy shop.

So enjoy SNL this week. It's going to be hosted by Jim Carrey and the musical guest is my wife Susan's favorite, The Black Keys (really, she has the CD and everything y'all). So that's where I'll be. Enjoy the show y'all! And to really kick things off. I'll give you 20% Off of your order TONIGHT if you email me at or convo me on Etsy. Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!

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