Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Color Palette of Slippin' Southern

When you order wall art from Slippin' Southern, you can specify any of our 25 colors from our color palette. We have assembled enough colors to cover most wall art applications but we occasionally need to add a new color when customers ask. We can also custom mix a color if requested.

Shown above is our Slippin' Southern Finish Selector which is FREE to all retailers with their first wholesale order. You may order additional Finish Selectors for $25. 

We have given each of our permanent colors a name with a Southern theme or one that reminds us of an experience that we have had over the years traveling about in the South. Some of them are easy to recognize while others are a little more quirky... but that's OK, that's what make us Slippin' Southern.

Slippin' Southern color palette shown on the
last picture of most listings in our shops
Some new colors such as silver, gold and copper do not yet appear in our listing palette but are available in our Finish Selector shown above.

Here's the list our colors with a brief explanation of their origin. Each color also links back to an item in our shop so you can see how it looks on a sign.

Aunt Betty's Silver
Named after my Aunt Betty who always keeps her silver polished

Barbecue Red
A historic, deep, warm red, used in home interiors at the turn of the century, 
also the color of  barbecue sauce (There are currently no items listed in this color)

Our classic red, just think of a barn

linen, natural, architectural, a great choice for a natural look

Black like cast iron urns and kettles

Chimney Brick Orange
This is a customer driven color, a cross between red and orange
(There are currently no items listed in this color)

Coach House Green
Dark khaki, a hybrid of green and brown
(There are currently no items listed in this color)

Deep dark blue waters of the ocean where whales swim

Like wood that you find along the beach, weathered and worn and natural

Couldn't you just eat one right now?

Front Porch Blue
Color that many folks paint their porch ceilings in the South to create a sky effect when you look up

The color of the teal waters of the Gulf of Mexico, down around Pensacola, Florida y'all

Reminds me of the color that a lot of historic houses were painted back in the day 

The color of your lime in your drink during cocktail hour

I'm told back in the day, they used a lot of copper to make moonshine. It makes a great name for a color.

You know, like mud, just very brown

Rustic, worn white, similar to the inside of an oyster shell

Papa's Suit Blue
Our answer to classic navy, named after my Papa's old suit. Often a customer requested color (There are currently no items listed in this color) 

The darker companion to Sweet Heart Pink

Patina Green
The color copper turns into after it has been outdoors for many years, "patina" green
(Note: See second picture in listing for Patina Green, first picture is Gulf Blue)

Sunflower Yellow
This is a no brainer, good old bright yellow, like on a summer day

The color of green ponds and wetlands, the kind of place where you see gators and crocodiles swimming

Sweet Heart Pink
Light Hearted, young, girly, fun, perfect color for Flyin' Pigs

Named after my Uncle Larry because he has a heart of gold

Wisteria Purple
Sometimes you just have to have purple, when no other color will do

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