Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flamingo Coral & Keylime Pie: Two new colors added to our palette

Next week, Slippin' Southern will be setting up our booth at Market Square in High Point, North Carolina (April 21-26). We've been feverishly making many new signs to roll out at the show. In the process of making the new signs we're introducing two new colors to our palette bringing our current color palette to 24.

Slippin' Southern's color palette.

Our color palette has grown quite a bit from it's humble beginnings last year. I think I started with about 12 when I had only a dozen or so signs at the opening of my
 Etsy shop. Throughout the year as more signs have been added I've had the need for more colors. During Christmas I added silver and gold. My great customers have also helped me in suggesting and requesting great colors for many of my signs.

The first new color is Flamingo Coral. I wanted to call it flamingo pink but it's really more coral than pink. I've used it on a new scallop shell, a medium sized whale and a new star fish.

The other color is Key Lime Pie. It's a bright, sassy, yellowish green. I used it on a new supper-sized "Barrel of Monkeys" Monkey wall sign, a Minnow School set and a small Rooster.

Along with new colors my Beach and Coastal section will have several new signs including new fish, new star fishes and new shells. I also have several new farm stand styled signs that feature vegetables like tomatoes, artichokes and carrots. We also have several signs that are English themed for the 2012 Summer Olympics! All-in-all, it's a lot of new items, I just hope we can get it all done by this weekend y'all!

We will be rolling out all of these items in our Etsy shop and on our wholesale site soon after the show so stay tuned for more. And to our Retail Shop owner friends if you can make it, stop by and say "Hey" to us at Market Square, High Point y'all.

Slippin' Southern at High Point:
Building: Suites At Market Square
Space Number: M-4039

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