Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yes, I do custom signs...

Yours truly gluing letters to a Wrangler 20X custom sign in my studio for The Working Guy's Store.

My custom signs usually start with the question... "Do you make custom signs?" I always get this exciting feeling inside when I'm asked. The feeling of endless creative possibilities, what great graphic adventure am I about to embark on? What will this new customer want me to create for them? Their company logo really big? A famous cartoon character for their family room? A giant animal... you just never know.
I usually never ask what some custom signs are used for.
Many times it's simply taking one of my existing signs like my "Hey Y'all" sign and writing another word like "68 Chevy" or "Snooze". Or it's as simple as taking my Labrador dog sign and flipping him in the other direction. I've also matched custom colors as well as Pantone colors. My signs can also be made to go outdoors in harsh weather with my "Coastal Core" protection option.
Custom sign for a family game room.
Sometimes customers do want their logo for their office lobby to impress visitors. Sometimes they want a sign for their trade show booth. Sometimes it's for their game room. Or sometimes it's for their child who is now off to college and needs the team mascot for their dorm wall.

Hat from "Cat in the Hat" for a family game room.
Whatever it turns out to be, I approach my signs two different ways. The first is to simply cut the sign from plywood and carve any needed details right into the wood. I offer 22 colors and I can also mix custom colors if needed. All of my signs are usually feature a distressed finish that really makes them look aged.
Custom sign for a therapist's office.
The second approach is to cut letters and shapes from a thinner, 1/8" plywood and attach it all to a larger backboard. Most shapes I hand cut in my shop, however, sometimes I send them out to a laser cutting service if the shapes are too small or too detailed for me handle. With either approach it takes about 3 weeks for me to complete a sign before shipping it.

A very large custom sign for a farmers market in Boston.
If you have a special sign you'd like to have made, I'd love to hear about it and I'd be happy to give you a price for making it. There's really nothing that I can't do. When you're ready to pop me the question, please let me know your requirements on these points too:

- How large would you like it to be?
- How do you plan to display it, i.e. hanging or attaching to wall, etc?
- Are there any special colors needed?
- And, where is your sign shipping to (city and Zip)?

Just pop me an e-mail to: SlippinSouthern@gmail.com

Here are a few more signs that I've recently completed.
Wrangler 20X retail dispaly sign.
Sign for a Carriage company.
Logo sign for Vungle's San Franciso office.

My Gator tricked-out with sneakers and cap for Gator U-Haul in Florida.

Florida Gator's Logo for a gift to an alumni.

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